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How to disassemble the FS-1 Motherboard (HZFS1) and Electrolytic Capacitor(DG47MFD)

Before starting disassembly, it is recommended to take pictures of the parts that need to be replaced. Convenient recovery after replacement of parts.


The positive electrodes of the electrolytic capacitor(DG47MFD ) and the motherboard (HZFS1 ) must be connected correctly.Otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

Step 1:Confirm that the voltage of black electrolytic capacitor (DG47MFD)  is 0.

Please adjust the multimeter  to DC 1000V and measure the voltage of the positive and negative electrodes.

Wait until the voltage becomes 0 before continuing with the subsequent operations.

Step 2 Disassemble the motherboard(part 1)


Disassemble the motherboard(part 2)

STEP 3:Disassemble electrolytic capacitor(DG47MFD)

Please make sure the voltage of the new DG47MFD capacitor is 0 before replacing.


The positive electrode of the electrolytic capacitor(DG47MFD ) and the motherboard (HZFS1 ) must be connected correctly.Otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

Both ends of the red line are connected to the positive electrode, and the black  is connected to negative.

Please make sure that all the fixing screws are tight enough after replacing the accessories.

Any other questions,pls contact us any time.

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